Meckwell Over 1NT

Meckwell is for use after the opponents have opened a strong 1NT. There are several variations, but the one shown below is the most common.

Meckwell assumes that the 1N bidder has 14-18 HCP.

Here are bids overcaller can make in the Meckwell system after an opening strong 1N:

  1. Dbl = ...  - either a minor one-suited hand or both majors.
     ...  - 2 = overcaller can pass or correct
    Overcaller's rebids:.
     P   = if Clubs is overcaller's suit
    2 = if Diamonds is overcaller's suit
    2 = with both majors and then advancer chooses
    2 = strong spade 1-suiter

  2. 2 = clubs plus a major.
    2 - 2 = asks which major. Responder could have a hand like A QT732 T6 AJT96,
    intending to bid 3 if partner bids 2.
    2 - 2 = 6+ , <3 and <3 other major.

  3. 2 = diamonds plus a major.
    2 - 2 = pass or correct.
    2 - 2 = 6+ , <3 and <3 <.

  4. 2 - shows either a good 5-card suit and 3 winners in the hand or a 6+ card suit and 10+ HCP.
      If both majors are the same length, hearts should be bid first.

  5. 2N - shows both minor suits. Advancer bids his better minor.

Bids over a weak 1N:

  • Dbl - penalty
  • 2 - spades and a round suit (clubs or hearts)
  • 2 - diamonds and a major
  • 2 - natural
  • 2N - clubs or a good hand with the majors
  • 3 - 5-5 or more in the round suits

    The point of these different bids is that you will want to make a penalty double of a weak 1N a lot more often and a penalty double is not available in standard Meckwell.

The odds...

...of Meckwell coming up for a pair is 1 in about 130 deals or once in nearly five 27-board tournaments according to the CardShark BidBase Practice program.

Or on average, only once in about 10 tournaments will you, personally, have the pleasure of bidding Meckwell. One other time in ten tournaments your partner will bid Meckwell and you will still need to know how to respond. So twice in ten tournaments (or 1 in 5) will your pair use Meckwell, as previously stated.

About 2/3rds of the time the Meckwell bid is 2 which is just a natural bid in Meckwell. So only 1/3rd of the time does Meckwell make conventional bids, or 1 time in almost 400 deals, or once in about 15 tournaments for your pair or once in 30 tournaments will you personally have the chance to make a conventional Meckwell bid. For this, you give up the chance to make a penalty double of a strong 1N.

The frequency of the conventional Meckwell bids are --

  • Dbl = 16% or about 1 in 60 tournaments for you to make a Meckwell bid.
  • 2 = 7% or 1 in well over 100 tournaments each for this and the next two bids.
  • 2 = 5%
  • 2N = 6%

The odds of all this making me wonder if Meckwell is worth the trouble is about 100%

Practice bidding Meckwell