This file contains a summary of Richard Pavlicek's hand evaluation system, in black, with reference to the BidBase Hand Evaluation Program's database IDs (numbers prefixed with a "P") and related comments in red.

For the full Pavlicek file with explanations and examples of the system, click the previous link or go to Pavlicek's web site.

Pavlicek Point Count Summary

For all bidding:

Ace = 4, King = 3, Queen = 2, Jack = 1
Any four aces and tens = 1

P1050-1052 count the Aces and Tens.
P1055 gives the point if there are 4+.

For all suit bidding:

Void = 3, Singleton = 2, Doubleton = 1

Exceptions: With a singleton K, Q or J, or a doubleton K-Q, K-J, Q-J, Q-x or J-x, count the HCP or shortness, but not both. With a singleton, you get 2 points, so the K or Q will at least match that, so we don't count singletons with either or both (P1120, 1150). A doubleton is covered by K, Q, or J, so we don't count doubletons with any honor (P1130, 1160).

Do not count shortness in partnerís bid suit unless a trump fit is known to exist. P1110-1130 cover all hands where a trump fit is known to exist. P1140-1160 cover hands where no trump fit is known, but we don't count shortness in Pard's suit, if any.]

When dummy in notrump:

Each card over four in a suit Q-x-x-x-x or better = 1

Note: The above assumes partner has bid notrump, so there is good chance of establishing the suit.

This adjustment is problematic because it depends on unmeasured factors such as transportation, but that is Pavilcek's problem, not ours. However, we assume he at least means a strong NT, so we require at least 15 HCPs for opener's 1N bid. See P1250.

When raising partnerís suit with 4+ cards:

Void = 2, Singleton = 1

Note: All points are cumulative. For example, a void counts as 3 points originally; if partner bids a suit that you will raise with 4+ cards, you now get 2 more for the void, or 5 points in all.


When partner raises your 5+ card suit:

If you did not already show five cards = 1
Each trump over five if not shown = 2
Each side-suit card over three = 1

We assume 5-Card Majors, so only a 1C or 1D might be opened and not show 5+. P1200-P1210 cover those. The point for "if you did not already show five cards" will not be counted if playing 4-Card Majors since at present, we don't allow for showing that.

P1220 covers each trump over 5 when raised. This can be any suit, evidently. The "M" code in Suit stands for "My suit". Note that you have to put a raise, such as "3R", in North's suit boxes for this to work (in the Hand Evaluation program).

To award the side-suit bonus, we first have to test for a 5+ card trump suit, which is done in P1230. If there is one, the flag is set and P1240 adjusts for length in any side suits.