Subject: Re: Convention Priorities
From: "Ernest Kroll"
Date: 10/4/00 8:46 PM Central Daylight Time


This occurs when partner opens one of a minor and you respond 3NT. If
opener rebids 4 of his minor, it is MINORWOOD (RKCB for that minor).
However, if opener rebids 4 in another suit, it is PSUEDO-RKCB, and he is
interested in knowing how many key cards you have based on that suit. For

Opener Responder
1C 3NT
4S (1) 4NT = 0-3 keycards
5C = 1-4 keycards
5D = 2 keycards without the spade queen
5H = 2 keycards with the spade queen

(1) RKCB for spades.

Opener Responder
1D 3NT
4C (2) 4D = 0-3 keycards
4H = 1-4 keycards
4S = 2 keycards without the club queen
4NT = 2 keycards with the club queen

(2) RKCB for clubs.

After responder has made his second bid, opener has a choice of three

1. 5S forces responder to bid 5NT for close-out.
2. 5NT asks for kings (excluding the “trump” king).
3. 6NT – responder should pass.
4. 7NT.

If opener rebids 5NT, asking for kings, responder shows the number of
outside kings, as follows:

6C – 0
6D – 1
6H – 2
6S – 3

Whatever opener bids after responder’s reply (6NT or 7NT) sets the
final contract.