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Splinter Bid

A Splinter Bid is an artificial raise of partner's suit.

A regular Splinter bid is an unnecessarily high jump bid which promises more than minimum trump support plus a singleton or void in the suit bid.

It also forces to game, so responder must have a good hand.

If opener has a very strong opening hand, he should explore for slam.


1 (P) 4 is a Splinter, since a normal weak or strong jump shift would be 1-3. The extra level indicates a Splinter.
1 (P) 4 is not a splinter bid. In the first place, it is a quadruple jump, not a triple jump. In the second place, it goes beyond the level of game in partner's suit. Normally, you do not Splinter if it takes you beyond game level. For example, after 1-(2)-?? you would not make a triple jump to 5 to show a Splinter because it takes you past 4.
1 (P) 3 is another triple-jump splinter bid.
1 (2) 4 Most Splinters are 3-level jumps, but since a 2-level jump bid of RHO's suit usually has no other meaning, it can be used to show a Splinter.
(1) 2 (2) 4 is another 2-level jump Splinter.

Opener can also Splinter with support for partner's suit, a strong enough hand to force to game, and a singleton or void to bid.

Example: 1-1, 3 with something like x-AQxx-KQx-AKxxx.

Some specialized Splinters include: