TS Points Summary

This summary has been prepared for documenting the TSP entries in the BidBase Hand Evaluation Program database. View the complete file for explanations and examples.

A typical opening hand for standard methods should have ~19 points.

You should typically need:

    34 for the 3-level
    39 for the 4-level
    44 for the 5-level
    49 for the 6-level
    54 for the 7-level

Here is my new method of hand evaluation:


    A = 6
    K = 4
    Q = 2
    J = 1
    (This is just HCP + Controls)

  • Add 1 point for every suit that has 2+ honors (including the Ten) [T1380]

  • Doubletons: Don't add the point for 2+ honors and subtract one additional point for QJ. (Don't subtract one for Qx or Jx as these are already valued low enough) [T1390 We count this for NT too, because otherwise, it's hard to get a hand up to the 22 TSP needed to open 1NT.]

  • Singletons: Honors are valued as the next weakest honor (A=4, K=2, Q=1, J=0) [Entered as deductions in T1340-1370.]


    Add points for both shortness and length
    * Shortness points: 5/3/1 for void/singleton/doubleton
    * Length points: 1 point for each card over 4 in a suit [T1400-1420 for shortness, T1480 for length.]


    * Don't count shortness in partner's suit (unless you find an 8-card fit elsewhere) [Assured by "-P" in the shortness entries.]

    * Give +2 bonus for each trump you have over an 8-card fit. [T1470]


    For NT contracts you can still use these HP, but for distribution simply count 1 point if you have a 5+ suit.

    You should need about:

      34 HP for 2NT
      37 HP for 3NT
      44 HP for 6NT
      48 HP for 7NT

    If it takes 37 TSPoints to make 3NT, then it takes about 22-24 to open 1NT, which is 1.5 x 15-17. Tysen says that TSPs are worth about 1.5 of HCPs, so this fits. Also, 22-24 is about what you get when you take 15-17 as a % of the 26 HCPs normal for 3NT, and multiply that times the 37 for TSP.

    The problem with using 6421 honor valuation for notrump and then jacking up the point requirements to open 1NT is that only Ace-heavy hands can open 1NT, while these are hand types normally better suited for suit play.

    For example, QT3-AQT-K74-KJ96 is a 15-HCP hand which everyone would open 1NT (playing 15-17 NT), but its TSP valuation is only 19, well short of the 22-24 needed to open 1NT. (Later:) We got this hand up to 22 by using entry T1380 for NT valuation, so maybe all is well, though Q93-AQT-K74-KJT6, which is the same hand with a T moved from Spades to Clubs, is still a point shy. You decide.