Weak Two's

The classic "sound" Weak Two requires a 6-card suit and either 2 of the top 3 or 3 of the top 5 honors (Ace through Ten), no void, and no 4-card major on the side.

The default BidBase specs for HCPs in the suit bid for a Weak Two are ab,4+i1, where the "ab" means 2 of the top 3 or 3 of the top 5 honors.

We have added "4+i2", which means 4+ HCPs plus 1 intermediate (or more HCPs if only 1 intermediate). This causes a hand like A98432-J32-32-32 to be opened 2, which is more in keeping with current aggressive bidding styles. If this is too aggressive for you, take out the "4+i2".

A Weak Two can be bid with a 7-card suit either when a hand has too much defense to preempt (e.g.: two defensive tricks) or is too weak to preempt at a higher level, especially when vulnerable.

Since 2 is the artificial and strong bid, a hand suitable for a Weak Two bid, but which has a Club suit, is often opened 3 instead.

Bridge World Standard says:

    "A first- or second-position weak two-bid that includes three of this list of characteristics is unacceptable:
    • five cards in the bid suit;
    • seven cards in the bid suit;
    • flimsy (definition adjusted to suit the vulnerability) six cards in the bid suit;
    • side void;
    • side four-card or longer suit.

    Otherwise, opener may use his judgment."

    So, for example, you can open 2H with

    • 5 Hearts and a side void (but not a 4+ card second suit)
    • 7 Hearts and 4 Diamonds (but not a side void)
    • a good 6 Hearts, a side void, and a 4-card side suit.

Larry Cohen says that it is okay to open a Weak Two despite the supposed "flaws":


In first seat, you can be as aggresive as you like since you have two opponents to obstruct while describing your hand to your partner. Your partner should allow for your Weak Twos being weak at unfavorable vulnerability and sound at favorable.

In 2nd seat, especially at unfavorable vulnerability, current (2018) theory calls for sound Weak Twos. Since RHO didn't open, the odds are that your side has more points, so you don't want to obstruct your partner's bidding.

In 3rd seat, you can open Weak Twos with almost anything -- suits of almost any quality ranging from 5 cards up. Partner has already passed, and the goal now is to obstruct LHO.

In 4th seat, a Weak Two is more a case of bidding what you think you can make while making it harder for the opponents to reenter the auction.

Normally, a Weak Two opener should not bid again unless required to by partner's bid, just as when making higher level preempts.

Responses To Weak Twos

The following are options which should be discussed with your partner in a live game, but are the defaults in BidBase:

Preemptive Raises:

Actually, this one should not require any discussion -- raises are weak and preemptive and based on total trumps. Add your trumps to the 6 promised by partner and that is how many tricks you can bid (non-vulnerable). For example, partner opens 2 and you have 3 for a total of 9 Hearts, so you can bid for 9 tricks by raising to 3. With 4 Hearts, you could raise to 4.

In situations where partner's Weak Two may be weak, he could have only 5 in his suit, but usually he will have 6, so if you are also weak, you have to play him for 6.

In theory, if you have a very weak hand, you could raise to 5 or even 6 or 7, depending on the number of trumps, but experts advise making a "gentle" raise to just the 4 level to keep from tipping off the opponents. Deprived of bidding space, they may settle into game on the 4 or 5 level.

New Suit Forcing:

A new suit bid by partner can be played as forcing or non-forcing. The default is forcing.

Standard responses by opener are

    When the new suit is on the two level:
    • Raise to 3 level with 3 to the A,K, or Q.
    • Bid 2N (artificial raise) with 2 to the A, K, or Q or with xxx.
    • Bid a new suit with a feature (A or K) and a maximum.
    • Bid 3N with a solid suit and no outside features.
    • Rebid original suit with a minimum

    When the new suit is on the three level (e.g.: 2-3):

    • Bid 3x with a feature and a max, if possible.
         (e.g.: 2-3, 3/)
    • Bid 3N with a solid suit and no outside features.
    • Raise to 4 level with a max, support, no outside features.
    • Rebid original suit with a minimum

Feature-asking 2N: