Ogust Convention

Ogust is an artificial 2NT response to a Weak Two bid or Weak Jump Overcall. It shows 15+ points with interest in game. It asks partner to make a conventional response (shown below) describing his hand. It is also known as the Blue Club Response.

Hand and suit quality is a matter of partnership agreement.

A "minimum" hand might be 6-7 HCPs and a "max", 8-10 HCPs, plus or minus a point on either end (e.g.: 5-7 or 6-8).

A "good" suit might be 2 of the top 3 or 3 of the top 5 honors while a "poor" suit could be as few as 3 HCPs with a couple of intermediates (QJ98xx or KT98xx) or even worse (e.g.: KTxxxx), depending on position and vulnerability and partnership agreement.

Responses by Opener:

Below are the standard responses.These have the advantage over the variants to follow of being able to remember the response by using binary where minimum and poor are 0 and max and good are 1:

3 = 00 = minimum hand and poor suit

3 = 01 = minimum and good

3 = 10 = max and poor

3 = 11 = max and good.

Opener's partner can then pick a contract and opener is supposed to pass.

A variation of the responses is to reverse the meanings of the two red suits.

3 = minimum hand and poor suit.

3 = max with a poor suit.

3 = minimum with a good suit.

3 = max with a good suit

3NT = a suit headed by the AKQ.

These responses have the advantage of allowing the Ogust bidder to bid 3 over 3 or 3/ over 3 as natural and forcing since he knows that opener has a poor suit.

    • 2-2NT, 3-3 = good Diamond suit
    • 2-2NT, 3-3 = good Heart suit
    • 2-2NT, 3-3 = good Diamond suit
    • 2-2NT, 3-3 = good Spade suit

Note that the Ogust bidder must bid 3 over 3 to avoid going past opener's Heart suit.

With a good hand and 2+ cards in partner's suit, opener can raise partner. With a poor hand, he should rebid his own suit (or pass partner's bid of opener's suit).

The Ogust bidder should have a good 16+ points to bid 2NT; otherwise, without support for opener's suit (such as a non-honor singleton or a void) and less than 16 points, he should just bid his good 5-card or longer suit, such as 2-3 = less than 16 HCPs, less than 2 Spades, and 5+ Clubs.

Another variation:

3 = poor hand and 1 of the top 3 honors

3 = poor hand and 2 of the top 3 honors

3 = good hand and 1 of the top 3 honors

3 = good hand and 2 of the top 3 honors

3NT = good hand and the AKQ+

Feature asking:

Rebid the preempt suit = no features; implies a poor hand.

Bid a new suit = Ace or King in the new suit and a good hand.

3NT is the usual AKQ+ in the preempt suit.

Feature asking has the disadvantage of revealing the location of honor(s) to the opponents, and with say, two Kings, they cannot both be shown. This brings us to the next variation. Opener must show the number of A/Ks outside of the preempt suit.

3 = no A/K

3 = 1 A/K

3 = 2 A/Ks.in the red suits

3 = 2 A/Ks in the black suits

3NT is the usual AKQ+ in the preempt suit and 1+ A/K.